Typical Maintenance

* Keep your Boat Clean
A key step in maintaining your boat is to wash it regularly. Cleaning your boat regularly doesn’t only contribute to the looks of the boat, but also helps to protect your boat from the environmental conditions.  Also, wax your boat regularly to further protect the surfaces from the elements.

* Proper Mooring
Boats don’t only sustain scratches and dings from being used out on the water. Damage can appear on your boat’s body while docked if it is not moored properly. Make sure all lines are fastened securely and don’t show signs of wear or breakage.

* Battery Care
Check your battery regularly by inspecting its charge and fluid levels. Make sure that the area around your battery is clean and dry at all times.                 Tecni-Marine is available to this for you.

* Regular Overall Inspection

Boats require regular inspection, as that is the only way to identify any problems or potential problems. Tecni-Marine can routinely check your boat’s controls, engine, cables, rudder, and throttle.

* Motor Maintenance

Flush your engine after every use. Check fuel tanks and clamps for rust, damage or corrosion. Check the engine’s oil levels and cleanliness. Also keep an eye on your boat’s cooling system to ensure that it is working properly. If you are not able to this by yourself, Teci-Marine can help you.
To protect your boat during the months that it’s not actively in use, you must take the proper winterization steps. Whether you are able to store your boat under shelter or not.  If you are not familiar with what needs to be done to winterize your boat, ask advisement to Tecni-Marine.

* Bilge Pump
Don’t forget to check that your bilge pump is working properly. In case you do need to use your pump, you may need enough power to run it for an extended period of time. Make sure your battery system can support this. Tecni-Marine can help you on this matter.

* Electrical Systems
Keeping all of your boat’s electrical systems clean, dry and free from damage is crucial to the overall safety and well-being of your boat. Look for any signs of corrosion, and apply water-repellant grease protector to all fittings.

* Boat Covers
Investing in a boat cover can prevent much damage that can occur as a result of exposure to UV rays and the elements. Consider picking up a used boat cover, you can save some money and extend the life of your boat.

Trust the Pros
As with anything, if you are new to boating, you may wish to seek out the advice and assistance of Tecni-Marine.                                                                         You may wish to put your boat on a regular maintenance schedule with us.