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Tecni – Marine a boating center for all your boating needs.
We have been serving the Yachting Industry for almost 30 years and we do have completely conscious about the ups and downs of this peculiar business.

Tecni-Marine is fully committed to present the best effective service in terms of Engineering, Maintenance and Technical assistance.

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Since 1993

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Maintenance & Repair


  • Maintenance and Boat Administration
  • Mechanical Engineering | Maintenance
  • Diesel Tank Cleaning
  • Generator Service & Battery Service
  • Electricity & Electronics
  • Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems
  • Hull and Metals Anti Foulings Paintings
  • Polishing Services
  • Watermakers
  • Carpentry Service
  • Stainless steel works
  • Covers and upholstery services
  • Seamanship documentation
  • Rennovation / Restoration
  • Full engines service and repair
  • Full engine diagnosis
  • Diving Service
  • Retrofitting works
  • Side Hull Spray Paintings
  • Taylor Made Services
  • Technical Assistance
  • Osmosis Treatment & Prevention
  • Fiberglass moulds and repairs on Fiber and Gelcoat
  • Stainless Steel and Vinyl Lettering
  • Seakeeper – Stabilizers System
  • Boat Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Survey Reports
  • Insurance
  • Crew
  • Preventive
  • Specialized
  • Official agents
Polish Service

Bottom fouling results from 3 primary causes:

  • Marine Life
  • Plants
  • Algae slime

INOX is a good anti-corrosion. Why is INOX so good, because it works! Tecni-Marine carries out all the Inox works. We weld and polish in workshop and assembly on the boats.

Tecni-Marine repairs the fiber of your boat when needed. We repair and manufacture using the highest quality materials that can be purchased, using the newest marine fiberglass technology in our repairs and manufacturing. Experience results in high quality and competitively priced services…


A diesel generator powers all the comforts of home in your boat, items such as onboard domestic appliances, coffe makers, and battery systems. A professionally installed generator will run smoothly and quietly, allowing you to run: air-conditioning, a water maker, a diving compressor and a myriad of domestic equipment. The addition of a “hydro hush” exhaust system will ensure that you do not intrude on your neighbours boating pleasure. Tecni-Marine have available to our customers a complete and professional support and reparation of generators.


Tecni-Marine can supply and install everything from children´s bedroom entertainment systems, to top of the range surround sound.

  • Hi-Fi systems
  • Other kinds of equipment to suit customers requirements
  • DVD Players supplied by Linn, Sony, etc
  • Bose home cinema surround sound systems
  • Remote control television screen
  • Interconnection of Navigation equipment

Zincs are installed on the:

  • Shafts
  • Rudders
  • Trim tabs
  • DVD Players supplied by Linn, Sony, etc.

The term osmosis was originally used to describe the biological process whereby a liquid (usually water) will pass through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane is permeable to the water molecules but not the various compounds dissolved within the water. The overall flow of the water molecules will be from the solution of lowest concentration towards the solution of higher concentration. The Osmosis is the tendency of fluid substances, if separated by a porous membrane to filter through it and become equally diffused. Generally, when you lift your boat up on a shipyard, you see small bubbles forming on the bottom of the hull (sometimes even above the waterline), it is usually water absorption under the gelcoat of the boat and sometimes into the fibreglass. The osmosis is almost a fiber cancer, and if we don´t treat it, this problem will contaminate all the fibers of the bottom of your boat. We are at this moment developing this area and we have invested money and time to protect your boat from this serious problem the best way possible.


The boat will be inspected weekly, checking:

  • Mooring ropes check-up
  • Shore power cables check-up
  • Pumps, bilges and automatics
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • Covers – Monthly and every time the customer arrives it will be checked:
  • Engines including: running engines, check oil levels and antifreeze levels
  • Batteries check-up including water levels
  • Jet tender or similar: running engine, battery check-up
  • Monthly report issue every month available

Interior and exterior cleaning of the boat one time per week (4 times per month). Prepare the boat for customer arrival.

Laundry service provided (extra cost)


Whatever type of boat you own, you deserve the unbeatable comfort and luxury of a climate system. Tecni – Marine is expert in installing air conditioning systems with minimum disruption to your boat. Skilled and experienced tradesmen sympathetically fit controls and grills, which are cleverly concealed within the design of your boat. Reverse cycle units give true climate control. Stay cool in the summer and keep you boat warm and dry in the winter using automatic dehumidification to protect expensive fabrics and upholstery. The addition of digital controls will give total control to within a few degrees.


Why clean my tanks?

  • Increased reliability of your engine and generator
  • Increased power
  • Less filter changes
  • Less wear on your injectors and fuel pumps
  • Less smoke and better fuel economy
  • Less corrosion

Bottom fouling results from 3 primary causes: Marine Life, Plants and Algae slime. Anti-fouling bottom paintings are an essential part in the maintenance of your yacht. We carry out a precise inspection of all yachts so as to get a clear picture of the state of the bottom of each vessel. We work with two types of paint: Hempel and Nautix – Painting Specialist The basic of the application is the preparation of the bottom and we respect the healing time of each coat of paint. We inform our clients and friends that is better to loose another day with the drying of the paint than to rush the job and ruin the paint job which has been carried out, so be patient and give your boatyard the time to carry out the job well done. Needless to say, the general rule is that the more expensive the material, the slower it deteriorates, whereas cheaper materials deteriorate more rapidly. Anti-fouling bottom paint can help keep your boat’s hull in good condition, prevent barnacle attachment and algae growth, and will help your boat move through the water faster and more efficiently.


Teci-Marine is the agent for Portugal of the revolutionary Scubar, which allows for checks in one of the least accessible parts of the boat: the hull.

  • Checking of fouled props and rudders;
  • Checking of anodes for signs of erosion;
  • Inspection of anchoring positions;
  • Look out for underwater hull damage or clearances;
  • Checking for weed and barnacle growth,
  • Checking of underwater pontoons or sea walls;
  • Inspection of those awkward to reach places as eg electrical boxes and engines.

Systems available include:

  • Trim tabs
  • Battery chargers and distribution systems
  • Underwater lights
  • Fuel Management computers
  • Electronic engine controls
Seakeeper Dealer

Tecni-Marine is the Seakeeper official dealer for Portugal.
By eliminating boat roll, Seakeeper transforms everyone’s experience on the water. Your guests go from sick to smiling, and memories turn from “never again” to “best trip ever!“

Seakeeper is designed to eliminate boat roll on vessels 27 ft and up. Tecni-Marine is also Seakeeper service center, installation center and with mobile capabilities we can assist you anywhere.

Vessel servicing

  • Maintenance and cleaning service;
  • Thrusters;
  • Cathodic protection;
  • Fuel filtration and treatment;
  • Firefighting equipment and systems,
  • Strainers and sea cocks;
  • Steering.
  • Stern gear;
  • Water makers;
  • Laundry service;
  • Fiberglass and gelcoat repairs;
  • Fiberglass molds,
  • Sides hull spray paintings;
  • Electricity and electronics.
  • Hull anti-foulings and paint,
  • Polishings;
  • Anti-osmosis treatment.
Machinery servicing

  • Full engines service and repairs;
  • Full engines diagnosis;
  • Gearbox;
  • Generator;
  • Hydraulic systems,
  • Interior and exterior detail cleaning;
  • Surface treatments and protection (nano coatings).
Technical support
  • Information to assist with operation, repairs and servicing of boats and equipment;
  • Help with selection and understanding of new products and trends;
  • Technical Assistance;
  • Liftings and Loadings;
  • Seamanship documentation,
  • Insurance;
  • Crew.
  • Inspection Accompaniment / Survey;
  • Yacht chandlery;
  • Furuno sub-dealer for Algarve;
Retro fit, customisation and upgrade
  • Fuel treatment systems and fuel additives;
  • Fuel tank cleaning service;
  • Water makers;
  • Air conditioning and heating;
  • Electronics,
  • Audio visual;
  • Communications;
  • Interior refurbishment and upgrade;
  • Interior, exterior and underwater LED lighting;
  • Carpentry service;
  • Stainless steel manufacture;
  • Covers repairing and manufacture,
  • Stainless steel and vinyl lettering;
  • Hull vinyl wrap.
  • Boat renovation/restoration


Keep your Boat Clean

A key step in maintaining your boat is to wash it regularly. Cleaning your boat regularly doesn’t only contribute to the looks of the boat, but also helps to protect your boat from the environmental conditions.  Also, wax your boat regularly to further protect the surfaces from the elements.

Regular Overall Inspection

Boats require regular inspection, as that is the only way to identify any problems or potential problems. Tecni-Marine can routinely check your boat’s controls, engine, cables, rudder, and throttle.

Bilge Pump

Don’t forget to check that your bilge pump is working properly. In case you do need to use your pump, you may need enough power to run it for an extended period of time. Make sure your battery system can support this. Tecni-Marine can help you on this matter.

Proper Mooring

Boats don’t only sustain scratches and dings from being used out on the water. Damage can appear on your boat’s body while docked if it is not moored properly. Make sure all lines are fastened securely and don’t show signs of wear or breakage.

Motor Maintenance

Flush your engine after every use. Check fuel tanks and clamps for rust, damage or corrosion. Check the engine’s oil levels and cleanliness. Also keep an eye on your boat’s cooling system to ensure that it is working properly. If you are not able to this by yourself, Teci-Marine can help you.

Electrical Systems

Keeping all of your boat’s electrical systems clean, dry and free from damage is crucial to the overall safety and well-being of your boat. Look for any signs of corrosion, and apply water-repellant grease protector to all fittings.

Battery Care

Check your battery regularly by inspecting its charge and fluid levels. Make sure that the area around your battery is clean and dry at all times.Tecni-Marine is available to this for you.


To protect your boat during the months that it’s not actively in use, you must take the proper winterization steps. Whether you are able to store your boat under shelter or not.  If you are not familiar with what needs to be done to winterize your boat, ask advisement to Tecni-Marine.

Boat Covers

Investing in a boat cover can prevent much damage that can occur as a result of exposure to UV rays and the elements. Consider picking up a used boat cover, you can save some money and extend the life of your boat.

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    Our experience is that 80% of all the engines we see, in terms of the maintenance condition, come nowhere close to what the manuals recommend.





    • Preventive

    A preventive boat motor maintenance facilitates safe boating and can keep your motor running well and reliable for years. It’s mandatory to do a basic engine survey annually. This essentially inspection is to search for small problems before they become big ones. The cost to do this is not high.

    • Specialized

    Tecni-Marine provides a specialized and professional service of engine´s repairs, giving it an optimum performance by utilizing and integrating technology, experience and competencies. The result is: better engine life, optimum performance and fuel economy.

    • Official agents

    TWe are also official agents of the best marine engines: MAN, MTU, Volvo Penta, Volkswagen Marine and Mercruiser.